Monday, September 19, 2011

West Davis Corridor vs. Davis County Shorelands Master Land Use Plan

Lands west of the proposed Legacy Highway are to be preserved as open space.This is due to access limitations as well and sewer service limitations.

The key players who worked to develop this plan are as follows:Syracuse City CouncilLayton Community DevelopmentWoods Cross City Plannerr; Kaysville City Manager; Fruit HeightsWetlands Advisory Committee; Farmington City; West Bountiful City Administrator; Davis County Commissioner; Centerville City Council; West Point City Council; North Salt Lake City; The Nature Conservancy,; Envision Utah, Project Manager; Army Corps of Engineers; Division of Forestry, Fire, & State; Clinton City Planning
Gary Mecham,
Peter Matson;
Tim Stephens; 
John Thacke
Mayor Richard Harvey
Barry Burton,
Mayor Greg Bell
Wendell Wild
Carol Page
Brian Gold
Jerry Chatterton
Stan Porter
Amanda Eyre Program Manager
Alex Beseris
Brooks Carter
Karl Kappe Lands
Jim Newsome
Aric Jensen, Davis County Community 
Page 14: Kaysville

Monday, March 7, 2011

Johnny-come-lately Wetlands advocates??

Since the beginning of this blog I've maintained that wetland and wildlife protection is an important factor when considering where to put a proposed freeway. I mentioned Bald Eagles at the town hall meeting in Farmington in February. The Bald Eagle is on the Federal and Utah state threatened species list. Its eating and hunting ground is right along Glovers Lane. There are other bird species found along Glovers Lane that are listed on the utah threatened and endangered species list . I've faced ridicule for this stance. One person even went so far as to say, "if eagles make her kids so happy why doesn't she take a picture of one and put it on her kids wall?". Wouldn't it be ironic if those who want to move the freeway "west" suddenly took up the torch to protect wildlife and wetland areas?? I guess whatever purpose serves their need. For example, it's not enough that an equal number of homes along Glovers Lane are listed as being demolished on UDOT's alternatives literature. C-1 protesters always use the "save homes" arguments like they own it. How about the fact that a neighborhood will be divided with both proposed routes? Nope, they own that, too. Safety issues? What if there were a wreck on the proposed South Westerly route? There could be potential water pollution to protected waterfowl areas, depending on the type of wreck. What would response time be? How would the safety response time be for that? I guess that might depend on collector roads, like the one the residents of Quail Crossing and Hunter's Creek signed and agreed to have right behind their houses, between their neighborhoods. Those who argue with putting the West Davis corridor along the I-15 alignment only care about their homes and property values. A bypass that goes out west and all around West Farmington, encompassing it like a noose around our city is not the best idea. I can't wait to see what other argument they'll latch on to to help save their 10 homes over and above any other valid, broader picture alternative.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last I checked humans can't survive without water

Like the title of this blog says, humans are getting way too distanced from whence they came. Ironic that I'm writing about this on a blog. There are several videos found on youtube showing the unique qualities of the Great Salt Lake Shorelands See? but I don't know how to make people care about it if they don't care just naturally. Without this ecosystem we, simply put, won't be able to continue to live. Please click on the tab "Know what your kids know". Wetlands filter our water. They remove toxins. Not only do these wetlands, ponds and marshy areas serve an environmental purpose but they creates jobs, they're a source of money! If that somehow makes them more important. During this whole West Davis Corridor freeway battle some people have called this land "worthless, non-valuable and just weeds and mosquitos". How can you even begin to talk to these people? Don't several people in Utah believe we are the entrusted guardians of this land on which we depend for life itself? Ever heard the term don't **** where you eat??